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Информация к размышлению в дополнение к   одной красивой картинке восхода фалосообразного звезднополосатого солнца демократии, на встречу  которому так стремились отдельные граждане   ...

 Trump should start with Ukraine, a land of crucial strategic significance to Russia, but of paltry strategic consequence to America. It is a tragically split country, with Western-oriented Ukrainians in the western regions and ethnic Russians in the eastern reaches. Russia has dealt with this delicate situation for decades; let it continue. Also, Russia’s annexation of Crimea should never be allowed to sour relations between that country and the West, as Crimea had been part of Russia for centuries until artificially severed by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. Besides, some 1.5 of its 2.3 million people are ethnic Russians. Let it go; withdraw the sanctions. 

Robert W. Merry
December 24, 2016
The National Interest


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